Drugs for foster children

The Tampa Tribune

Drugs for foster children: GOP Sen. Ronda Storms of Valrico, who is chairwoman of a human services policy committee, has made restricting the use of psychotropic drugs to treat the state’s foster children a priority this session. The issue came to light last year after a 7-year-old foster child who was prescribed such medication hanged himself in Broward County.



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2 responses to “Drugs for foster children

  1. Reuben Quezada

    I am 55. My children are 13 & 15. I was born in 1954 and by time Kennedy was shot I was 9. I attended St. Catherines in Riverside Ca. I grew up in a standard middle working class household with a brother and sister. As a youth, I felt sad, happy, angry, annoyed, bored and uplifted. I didn’t have an Ipod or a computer, the video game was not even invented. I watched Felix the Cat, Quick Draw McGraw and Yogi Bear. I remember playing baseball, football, my first kiss and my first break up with a pretty girl. I was crushed. We had lots of things to keep us busy and productive but the one thing we did not have is Anti-Depressants. We would get a baby aspirin, told to apply Vicks Vapo Rub and bundle up if it was cold. My brother and I would complain about being bored or step out of line and we even got the old line “wait till your father gets home” Dad, when he had “enough” of our complaining or misbehaving would had his own anti-depressents – It was called yard work. Mowing, hoeing and edgeing. Somehow he always had enough for us to do but never was it suggested there was something wrong with us. We were learning our own emotions, how they worked and that tomorrow was a always a new day. We learned that emotions fluctuate as does life and that the world was not put here to serve our needs but rather we were put here to service its needs with our contributions to our own goals and happiness. Why on Gods earth have we sunk to such a low point in our parental duties, so lazy with our children that our only urging is to take a pill. Lots of them. There is nothing wrong with our kids. They are kids and they are learning. Let them skin the knees, feel the hurt of failure and the pride of success but please stop drugging our youth. Isn’t that what we tell them….Don;t do drugs. Prepare their meals, make them get fit with strong muscles and encourage achievement… How long must I write before the Legislators hear this. Please. No more.

  2. Reuben Quezada

    I strongly urge those immediately involved to seek assistance from a variety of Anti-abuse groups. I support the Citizens Commissions on Human Rights. They are fierce advocates in this arena and never let an issue go until resolved.

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