DCF studies failures in child’s hanging death


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. A 25-year-old woman who spent a decade in foster care told Department of Children and Families officials she believes children in foster care are overdiagnosed and overmedicated.

Kimberly Foster made the comments to state officials Thursday in Fort Lauderdale.

Officials are reviewing system wide failures that led to the hanging death of 7-year-old foster child Gabriel Myers. Two issues keep returning: the alarming use of psychotropic medications and an inability for doctors, foster parents and case works to track these powerful medications.


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One response to “DCF studies failures in child’s hanging death

  1. Jeanne Jones Santana

    I sit in utter disbeief to whatB.S.O. investigators and Childnet workers can come in and have the right to legally kidnapp my children along with many other mothers and fathers. since removed from my care my daughter is cutting herself,my son has developed five bleeding ulcers,and are begging to come home. They didnt do anything wrong,but are living in substandard conditions with a caregiver who has mental health issues and hher husband never had a background check. the caregiver,who I believe has Munchaesen by proxy or meadows syndrome, has both of my children on psych meds, as both of her other children are on. The child advocate has supposedly been to the caregivers house and has said nothing about the condition of the apartment and the overwhelming smell oe urine from cat and younger children. My children are 17 and 13 and need to be returned to me before one or both end up like Gabriel Myers.While cleaning my daghters mess in the kitchen, I slipped on my ceramic tile in the kithen, hit my head and went unconcious. paramedics brought me to the hospital and becausethere was a non toxic amount of Xanax in my system ,the hospitals Dr.s notes stated I had a concussion and my wrist was broken, all inicitive of a fall.The hospital notes said I was alert and followed commands. The caregiver came and took my children and called d.c.f. but told my mother to go to the hospital for me and she would watch my children until my mother came back fom the hospital, by then they were legally kidnapped and does not want to let go of the funding she is getting from my disability. Is there anybody who can help or advise me?

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