Foster care failure

The Miami Herald

The May 15 article Dead boy, 7, lacked parent by Carol Marbin Miller was a sobering piece of journalism. Life was so painful for Gabriel Myers that he chose to end it by hanging.

Certain well-meaning government agencies decided long ago that a foster-care system and its tentacled associations would be superior to the old-fashioned orphanage. It is true that unsavory stories would occasionally surface in conjunction with life in orphanages, but a stable, camp-like atmosphere could be created in a modern setting. The entangled bureaucracy of the foster-care system seemed to have lost touch with the human needs of this little boy.

If a human life is so precious that it should not be terminated in its early stage according to opponents of abortion, then no child should experience the horror of this boy’s short life.

SERG J. RIOUX, Coral Gables


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