Babysitter Describes Foster Boy’s Alleged Suicide

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19-Year-Old Says Boy Spoke, Even As He Hung By His Neck

MARGATE (CBS4) ― A foster child who allegedly killed himself 11 days ago cursed at his babysitter and announced his intention to commit suicide, even as he hung by his neck in a bathroom shower. That is the account the babysitter gave CBS4’s Gary Nelson Monday.

Nineteen year-old Miguel Gould was watching the foster child, seven year-old Gabriel Myers on April 16th when Gould says the boy threw a tantrum, angry about a lunch of crackers and soup the sitter had given, and locked himself in a bathroom. Gould is the son of the foster father at the home where Gabriel died.

Gould told the CBS4 News I-Team he went to check on the boy when he heard a “loud noise” from the bathroom. Gould said when he looked through a window in a patio door to the bathroom, he saw that Gabriel “had used a shower hose to wrap around his neck.” He said the boy spoke to him, as he hung by his neck, his feet suspended off the floor of the bathtub beneath him.

“I told him not to do anything crazy or stupid. He told me was going to kill himself,” Gould said. “I told him to unhook himself, but he wouldn’t listen to me.”

Gould and CBS4’s Nelson had this on-camera exchange as they stood in the bathroom of the foster home Monday:

Gould: He spoke to me as soon as the hose was tightly around his neck, and he was able to speak.
Nelson: He was hanging there, his feet were suspended off the bathtub?
Gould: Uh huh.
Nelson: And he spoke to you as he was hanging there?
Gould: Yes.
Nelson: And he said?
Gould: He said that he was going to kill himself.
Nelson: Even as he was hanging by his neck?
Gould: Yes.

The babysitter said he ran and got a screwdriver to open a door that leads to the bathroom from an interior hallway of the home. He said it took him “about two minutes” to find a screwdriver and pop open the lock on the doorknob.

“As soon as I unlocked the door, he was, you know, lying in the tub, dead,” Gould said. “I believe he fell into the tub. His head was leaning against the wall. As soon as I saw him lying there dead, then I unhooked him.”

The babysitter said he tried to “breathe” for the boy but was unable to revive him.

Gould said he moved into the home in Margate “three months” ago, after living with his “stepfather” in Canada “for 18 years.”

Gould said we would frequently watch Gabriel and another foster child in the home while his father was at work as an assistant principal in a Miami-Dade school and his mother worked as a nurse.

Margate police say the investigation into the foster child’s death remains open and no manner of death has been officially determined. Police Chief Jerry Blough declined to comment further.

Gould told CBS4 News he has been interviewed at length by Margate investigators.

The Department of Children and Families released nearly 1,500 pages of case file on Gabriel Myers over the weekend. The youngster was taken from his drug-abusing mother less than a year ago. He had apparently been sexually abused and exposed to adult videos since the age of three. Teachers had reported that he had exposed himself, and touched other children inappropriately.

CBS4’s News partner, the Miami Herald reported last week that the boy had recently been prescribed powerful, psychotropic drugs not approved for use in children. Some of the drugs are known to increase suicide risk in children.

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